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Market Movers - Moving On

Mulberry House Group - the South West Property Experts know the market.  The Market Movers who understand that as times and seasons change, it's time to move forward.

So whether you are looking for an investment, or for the now essential home-office, our experts are here to advise. At times durind the year, it seemed as though the whole of the property market's on the move.

For several months, everyone has has felt it was the time for action! But what action? And how?

And was there ever a better time to consider a property investment?   And potential savings for investors by good advice and careful choices.

For house buyers, there are still relative bargains to be hunted down, but it takes clever and persistent research to find dream properties. onThe Market, Rightmove, Zoopla, Boomin, and several other property portals are your friends.  But your best friends of all?   Our real life property experts are South West Property Experts at Mulberry House Properties and Mulberry House Law.

Mulberry House Properties for residence and investment

Whether your are Moving On or Moving In

Our Mulberry House Group teams can help and advise and make your property move so much more achievable. And that's true whether you are looking for a fresh start for home and work; or whether your goal is investment.

When you talk to one of our knowledgeable, approachable experts, the weight lifts from your shoulders.  And soon the property of your dreams, fulfilling your wish-list is within your grasp.

For commercial, investment and residential property in Wiltshire and the South West, talk to Mulberry House Properties on 01793 493099, use our Contact Us form or email us to

Investors and property buyers may find our investment outlook helpful



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