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Investment Property Outlook 2021

Mulberry House Group Investment Property Outlook 2021. 

As the economy opens up, our team reports a bumpy start for the commercial retail and hospitality sectors.  We all know why.

Gauging investment has provided many challenges unique to the early 2020s.  Exits from the retail sector have been spectacular and notable.  Which is why the commercial property investment market now sees a different spread of  larger acquisitions and disposals.  The market and Mulberry House Properties is facing a new panorama.  The outlook is now sowing the seed for a return to much needed stability.


The Investment Property Outlook 2021 is . . . .

Canada’s PSP Investment arm is looking to acquire a 50% stake in a £1 billion Central London property portfolio currently owned by Aviva Investments.

  • At a cost of £500 million, the funds investment will be the catalyst needed to continue development in the EC3 area notably Fountain House and Iron Gate House schemes.  This is in adddition to opportunities in London’s West End, such as 41 – 46 Piccadilly, W1.
  • Elsewhere Palmer Capital and Opus North have taken over two property portfolios from Morrisons at a cost of £175 million showing a 6% yield.  All the assets bought, including a second portfolio, allow Morrisons to retain their 25 year unexpired leases.
  • Exciting times seem to be returning to the West End with news that Private Equity firm, Tamares is looking for a sale and lease back of its HQ at 41 Dover Street, W1.  The 10,400 sq ft office building is being pushed at offers over £50 million.

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