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Property and Law - Joined Up Service

Mulberry House Property have joined forces with Mulberry House LawBecause we want to bring a great deal to all our property focused clients.  Whether you are investing in commercial or residential property for business reasons, let us take the strain for you.  If you are a property professional yourself and looking for joined up property and legal advice, we are your first line of expertise.

Mulberry House Properties and Law Joined Up Services for property invetors

Our legal team is equally expert in advising on property portfolios as buying a single investment property.  Whether it's a single building, offices, flats or shops, we have the expertise to assist.  Better still, the Property and Law teams always work closely together to coordinate advice for the best results for our clients.

Especially while we are all getting back on their feet, having a seamless team of property and legal experts really helps.  Why?  A joined up professional team assists in smoothing the path to your new property address.  This is especially true where finance and gearing may be a concern.  Similarly equity ratios or other technical matters may need to be considered.  And who isn't concerned about making a sound investment?  Whether it's in your own home, a house to let, business premises or a new warehouse, sound advice is essential.

Mulberry House Properties and Law Joined Up Service

Our commercial and leasehold clients already benefit from this joined up service.  So we want to spread the good news.

To know more about  Mulberry House Group Joined Up Professionals go to Mulberry House Law and Mulberry House Properties .  Or Contact Mulberry House now, alternatively phone us on 01793 493 099 or email .